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Build Off Our Pineapple Photos

Awesome handwritten script font called Pineapple 1

We give away a huge number of photos, all pineapple related. No credit to us is necessary. This means we don't always learn what people did with our pineapples. 

It doesn't mean that we don't get super pumped when we come across someone using photos.

Especially when that person has created their own product and decided a pineapple photo is a helpful way to present or sell.

We recently came across a couple of really cool creative products that made use of a pineapple photo to present their work for sale. It's an amazing honor to be able to share these uses and we really want to do more of these posts in the future. Absolutely love! This freaking matters.  They are building off our pineapple photos and we wish them the best with sales!

Here are 2 of the products we discovered through Creative Market that are using our Pineapple Images:

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Being on the offence of positivity

Pineapple Supply Co. - Work with Us

We're working on relaunching Pineapple Supply Co. sometime soon. Please check out this short video from a talk by Gary Vaynerchuk because it's a strong indication of the position in which we're going on the offense.

We're going to get louder. And we want you to come onboard with us in spreading good vibes. We are living in the greatest era ever. The world is getting better. And today is a good day. This is really what it's all about. Make sure you join our email list and Stay Golden.

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2016 recap and plans for Pineapple Supply Co. in 2017

Pineapple floating in beautiful blue water pool
In 2016, I had a lot of fun with Pineapple Supply Co. I explored multiple ideas for the side-project that turned full project. Photographing and sharing the pineapple images probably helped me stay positive when things were really bad in my world. Before I get into what I hope and plan for 2017, I wanted to share a few positive results from 2016.​

Positive Results in 2016

Pineapple Photo Metrics 2015

First, here's a graphic I created for our free pineapple images last year. I was blown away with these stats from Unsplash. Having these metrics is motivating. Especially motivating now that I can compare them to the numbers at the end of 2016! Check them out below:

Pineapple Supply Co. photo stats from Unsplash end of 2016

The free pineapple photos available on Unsplash saw lots of love! You can see I added over 200 new pineapple photos in 2016 and, At the end of year, all these images had been viewed over 37 million times and downloaded almost 397, 000 times. Amazing. This doesn't take into account the number of views or downloads from other stock photo sites like Pexels or Pixabay.

If you don’t know, Unsplash has an influential person or company curate a collection of 10 photos every 10 days. We saw 2 pineapple images get curated in 2016:

Curated by Chuck Hughes

In July, the above image was curated by Chuck Hughes! Yeah, the Canadian chef, television personality, and restaurateur. Being a big fan of his, this was unreal.

Pineapple floating in beautiful blue water pool
Curated by Slack

In November, the above image was curated by Slack! Totally honored the Slack team would select one of my pineapple shots. It's really awesome to have this small connection with them.

Lastly, I want to mention the shop here. Creating the Shop was great; however, it’s something that took a lot of my time. It’s great that it’s been created, though. I’m glad I started it last year so that I can simply build on it now. But, I must remember that this is a side-project of mine for 2017. This is a great reminder to take action and start today. If I didn't, I'd be wishing I started last year.

Stuggles in 2016

Creating weekly photo packs for download took up a lot of time. For a side-project, it actually hindered the development of my own photography business as an architectural photographer. My architectural work suffered as I wasn't trying to pursue new clients or find paying work. I'm changing this for 2017, but I can't stop this fun and positive pineapple project.

I tried to do way too much last year. I started to find some ways to scale processes back, but I eventually had to just cut everything back. Blame our season change here in Canada for part of my hiatus. I'm not a fan of winter at all. With a good break from the project, I have thought about simplification and sustainability. It's important to me to find a way to be consistent with content in a way that is sustainable for me. For this, I need to figure out how to simplify the project to it’s core purpose.

I don’t know how things will look here, completely. I can’t commit to a full content schedule or anything like that yet. That said, I still want to share my hopes and plans for Pineapple Supply Co. in 2017.

Plans for Pineapple Supply Co. 2017

Some of these plans are going to need testing in order to find a sweet spot for me. These are a few of my thoughts on 2017 if everything works out ideally:

  • Simplify website to focus on photos and positivity
  • More free pineapple photos on Unsplash
  • New photo sets in our own shop monthly
  • Some type of blog post on a weekly basis
  • Monthly newsletter communication
  • Single daily post to our Instagram profile
  • Find more ways for people to spread good vibes with other products related to pineapples and a positive mindset. For example, higher-quality pineapple stickers are definitely in the works. I want to hand them out at photowalks and events.
  • Create a high-quality photobook - might look to collaborate on this.
  • A new art series created from remixing some past pineapple photos

If you have anything that you’d like to see from me here at Pineapple Supply Co, I’d love to hear from you. You could recommend or request ideas you’d like to see for new photos or types of blog post content. Feel free to fill in the content request form.

It’s really important that you know this project isn’t over. Sharing these plans, I’m making myself accountable to make the effort in 2017.

The world needs greater art and positivity now more than ever. Please share our images and website with your friends. Spread the good vibes that everyone seems to get from the power of pineapples.

Stay Golden

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Pineapple Plant Photo Pack: My first experience growing a pineapple

Pineapple Plant Image Feature
Pineapple Plant Image

Since photographing pineapples, I wanted to get my hands on a pineapple plant. I mean, the likely hood of me hitting up a pineapple plantation are slim to none these days. Little did I know, this summer, I would find myself in a plant nursery and returning home with a pineapple plant.

I had no idea how I would actually grow this plant. Would it get enough sun? Would I water it enough or too little? The only thing on my mind was taking photos in case I would send it to pineapple heaven.

I found a cool planter that was previously used as a beer bucket. After a few days, I thought I better get on capturing photos. Now, these photos were originally put up on Creative Market as premium photos; however, after 4 or 5 months of next to no activity, I have decided to remove them from the marketplace and make my pineapple plant images to be licensed Creative Commons Zero.

You're able to download the 17 photos at the bottom of this post and then you can do what you want with them. They will eventually be available individually through our Unsplash profile.

As time went by, the pineapple plant did grow. The growth was pretty small and I don't believe it would have shown in photos.


Except, one day I noticed the pineapple turned golden. I was a bit confused at this point because I thought a golden pineapple meant it's ready for me to eat.  It just seemed too soon because an employee at the plant nursery told me it would be a year before it would be ripe and ready to eat.

Thankfully, I didn't waste any time to take some initial photos of the pineapple in it's wonderful & golden state. Since I was under the impression that I needed to grow this little pineapple for a year, I just kept caring for it.


A week or so passed and I noticed the pineapple started to look funky. Yup, the pineapple was now expiring and rotting. At least, that's what I believe happened.

I missed my window of time to harvest the little thing, photograph it in other locations, and taste it.

RIP pineapple plant. RIP.

What a way to go for my first experience trying to grow a pineapple at home. Live and learn, right.

For a long time, I've put off sharing this because I feel a little ashamed that I haven't researched anything about how to grow a pineapple or when to harvest it. Of all my plants, I've really only lost 2.

Now, my first pineapple plant will live on through these free HD photos and your usage of them. Part of me believes it served its purpose for us. I got photos of it green and more photos once it turned golden and now I'm sharing them.


Here at the photos within the free, no strings attached download below.

 If you use any plant photos on Instagram, please consider giving us a shoutout or tag us:

Feel free to share this post and pin photos too.

Photos edited with help of FilterGrade Photoshop Actions.
You could also use them for further editing.

🍍 Stay Golden 🍍

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Free Pineapple Photo Pack 15: Black Pineapple

Free Photo Pack of a Black Pineapple

This past week, if you were following along on our Instagram, I was exploring the idea of painting a pineapple flat black. A person in the community actually requested we paint a pineapple this color. This was a bit of a risk because so much of the imagery was bright and colorful; however, I convinced myself to try it with Halloween approaching. I also thought about amazing instagram grids I'd seen that were almost entirely black & white. Maybe my images could help them with some content some day.

When painting the pineapple black, I decided to paint a banana and pumpkin as well. I mean, why not. It's all totally random and I was surprised with the strong engagement from people. My initial thought was to make these images into a large bundle in our shop; but I wanted to make a free high-resolution photo pack after the Instagram feedback. I definitely have more images to be able to make another bundle of images for our shop and the lifetime memberships.

Here are the images in the 10 images within the photo pack this week. You can find the download all button right at the bottom.

Free Pineapple Pack 15: Black Pineapple

Black Pineapple on Orange
Painted Black Pineapple and Banana on White
Pineapple painted black and laptop
Black Pineapple with Banana and Pumpkin
Black Pineapple Flat Lay
Pineapple painted black
Black Pineapple with accessories

If you use a photo on Instagram, please consider giving us a shoutout or tag us:

Feel free to share this post and pin photos too.

Photos edited with help of FilterGrade

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