Rose Gold Pineapple Supply Co.

This pineapple background wallpaper for desktop is utilizing one of the bronze or rose gold pineapple photos. I just picked up this amazing dual font by Sam Parrett and wanted to see it with Pineapple Supply Co. written out on a photo. Since it was created, I thought why not make this available as a pineapple background to download.

If you're interested in the font used, it is available on Creative Market, supporting independent creative shops.

High-Resolution stock photos of Bronze pineapple at the beach in summer

Bronze Pineapple at the Beach

Download 30 Bronze pineapple images at the beach

Pineapple Flat Lay Photo Bundle

Pineapple Flat Lay Photo Bundle

Download 30 flat lay photos that include a pineapple

Pineapple Supply Co. — Pineapple Shop and Good Vibes


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