Made with Pineapples: Patternator

Today, browsing on Product Hunt, we came across a cool new iPhone app that helps you create cool, custom cases for your iPhone: Patternator. While we thought it looked rad and useful, we were surprised to see one of the first patterns in available on the app was pineapples and not just any pineapples, but it was one of our images made into a pattern:

Pineapples iPhone Pattern making app called Patternator

We never know what people are going to do with these pineapple images and Patternator is no different. Here is the original pineapple photo they've transformed into a really cool pineapple pattern background wallpaper or iPhone case opportunity:

download free high-resolution image of a pinapple

Huge bonus points for Patternator having pineapples as their app icon too! Check out Patternator's short 30-second promo video to see the image and learn a bit more about it:

Amazing to see what pineapples are capable of today! If you've been on the hunt for pineapple pattern wallpapers, backgrounds, or lockscreens then check out Patternator. We know you can create much more than pineapple related patterns, but we would love to see if you make anything with the pineapple!

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The guy that started this Pineapple pop stand for high-resolution stock photos. His photos have been downloaded more, than 1 Million times ✌️ Scott is also a Architectural Photographer in London Ontario.

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