New Minimalist Pineapple Shirt

New Minimalist Pineapple Shirt

Slow and steady, we're increasing our collection of pineapple shirts each week and this week we went with a minimalist pineapple shirt. Wearing a pineapple shirt is a great way to celebrate the symbolism of the pineapple and subconsciously spread the good vibes. The shirt doesn't have an image of a pineapple and could be a great way to express you love of pineapple but it isn't as obvious as a pineapple image.

Again, the minimalist pineapple shirts are available on Teespring and Society6.

The shirts on Teespring are a bit different because there are options for 2 different kinds of tank tops for women. You can't get these fits on Society6.   So, if you're after a sweet fitting tank-top, check out the options on Teespring! These tanks would be epic for your gym sessions!

When it comes to Society6, there might be a few more colour options available. Also, Society6 often has special offers (free shipping just ended). So always keep an eye out on Society6 for our pineapple clothing and more.

New Minimalist Pineapple Shirt

This week the 2 pineapple shirts differ only in the colour of the text. We hope you enjoy the simplicity of them. If you have any comments on them please drop us a comment.

Pineapple – White Type

Pineapple shirt with white type on black

Here a couple samples of this shirt in a t-shirt and tank top available on Teespring:

Pineapple Shirt on Man
Pineapple Tank-Top on Girl in gym

Where to order:

order this minimalist pineapple shirt on Teespring

order this minimalist pineapple shirt on Society6

Pineapple Shirt – Black Type

Pineapple shirt with black type on white

Here are a couple samples of the pineapple shirt on people:

Minimalist Pineapple shirt in a Tank Top on Girl in gym
Minimalist Pineapple Shirt on Man

Where to order:

order this minimalist pineapple shirt on Teespring

order this minimalist pineapple shirt on Society6


Have an amazing Week!

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