1 Year of Pineapple Images

July 1st marks 1 year of pineapple images.

International Pineapple Day was technically a few days ago; however, it's July 1st that is our special pineapple day!

What started from the overuse of the pineapple emoji became a total of 195 free pineapple images and a shop full of premium pineapple images for purchase. I was never sure what would happen with posting photos of pineapples one the internet, but it turned out there are many other fans of the pineapple all over the world.

The mark of a full year on this project is a massive milestone for myself. I typically love starting things and then abandoning for something else. I know it's important to keep trying new things to find something that sticks, but it's these amazing pineapples that seem to have stuck. Β All throughout this side-projects, I've been doing my best to track and be transparent about everything. I've also found it very important to celebrate milestones! This is what this blog post is all about: Celebrating 1 year of pineapple images!

Pineapple Photo Totals


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