Build Off Our Pineapple Photos

We give away a huge number of photos, all pineapple related. No credit to us is necessary. This means we don't always learn what people did with our pineapples. 

It doesn't mean that we don't get super pumped when we come across someone using photos.

Especially when that person has created their own product and decided a pineapple photo is a helpful way to present or sell.

We recently came across a couple of really cool creative products that made use of a pineapple photo to present their work for sale. It's an amazing honor to be able to share these uses and we really want to do more of these posts in the future. Absolutely love! This freaking matters.  They are building off our pineapple photos and we wish them the best with sales!

Here are 2 of the products we discovered through Creative Market that are using our Pineapple Images:


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Made with Pineapples: Typography Remix by Julieta Velvet

Welcome to the new blog series that features super rad work made with pineapples. It's not about just any creative work related to pineapples but work made with the pineapple photos that we give away for free or purchased from our Creative Market shop.

If you've created something exceptional with our pineapple photos, we'd love to know so that we could potentially feature you and your work. It never ceases to amaze us when we come across these kinds of remixes. Like today, Julieta Velvet tagged us on Instagram profile: Pineapples_io.

Typography Remix by Julieta Velvet

Made with Pineapples - Typographic Remix by Juliet Velvet


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