Pineapples in 2015: Some things just click


Sometimes things just click. That's how Pineapples has felt since I started taking photos of them for this unusual side project. The support I've seen in 6 months has been amazing and it wasn't until December that I really went all in providing free pineapple photos and being active across social media. This post is meant to be as transparent as possible with what's happening on I'll share social stats and metrics for all the free pineapple photos were uploaded in 2015. At the end, I'll also talk about going into 2016!


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Pineapples or Not: Just do your thing!

Pineapples started as a side-project. Frustrated that I couldn't simply create collections of photos on Unsplash yet, I thought of a creating the Unsplash profile as a collections hack.  Fast forward to no long working with Unsplash, I have more time and energy to attempt to go from side-project to all-in project. However, it's back to a side-project.

The only way to become a pineapple photographer is to photograph pineapples.

Man, that sounds so weird.


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