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Kate, 42reset.com

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We also serve as a source of motivation and inspiration for you. We radiate in the sphere of positivity and base our activity around the history and symbolism of the pineapple. You are welcome here. Please feel at home and invite your friends.


Pineapple Supply Co. started as the simple love and overuse of a pineapple emoji in Slack while working at Unsplash. I used the pineapple emoji to communicate positive reactions and, in turn, I felt more positive too.

As someone that deals with depression and anxiety, finding ways to have a positive outlook are very important.

Used to giving the majority of my photos away, I thought to create the first stock photo site to specialize exclusively in free pineapple images and hosting the photos with Unsplash.com.


Pineapple Supply Co - Photo of Pineapple

Our Unsplash profile was very welcomed by the community and within about a month, 1 of our pineapple photos was featured. The exposure of being featured grew a following on Tumblr like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

Over the following year, I focused almost exclusively on pineapple photography. With the desire to continue photographing pineapples and giving photos away, I needed ways to support the site. First thought was to sell premium stock pineapple photos through bundles in our shop. 

Our pineapple brand grew on Tumblr, Instagram, and Unsplash. As each day passed, we wanted the positivity surrounding the pineapple to get louder and louder. It came upon us to start looking into more ways to "share a pineapple" or "spread good vibes."

Don't let the negativity seep in. Stay Golden!


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