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Pineapple over Perfection

We're bombarded with negative media in an era when more people are dealing with mental illness than ever before. Pineapple Supply Co. serves as a source of motivation and inspiration, sharing the pineapple to spread good vibes, put positivity on blast, and orchestrate optimism towards a life of doing what makes you come alive.

Pineapple Positivity at the Beach

Supply's origin

Pineapple Supply Co. started as the simple love and overuse of a pineapple emoji in Slack while working at Unsplash. I used the pineapple emoji to communicate positive reactions and, in turn, I felt more positive too.As someone dealing with depression and anxiety, finding ways to have a positive outlook are very important. This brough on an undeniable urge to combine my love of photography with these positive pineapples and share them with the world…

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We believe the pineapple is a source of good. To spread good vibes, we started out giving pineapple photos for free use and download. We now offer premium pineapple photo collections, stickers, prints, magnets, buttons, and other merch that helps you, and us, scale our mission together. Since 2015, our free photos have been downloaded more than 885,000 times and viewed over 127,000,000 times on Unsplash alone.


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