Parabo Press Review: Putting pineapple photos to paper

Parabo Press Review: Putting pineapple photos to paper

Parabo Press wants you to print extra special photos on extra special paper. We put some of our pineapple photos to paper to bring you a Parabo Press review.

Square Pineapple Prints

In full disclosure, for this review of Parabo Press, I was given a credit to order anything and try out their products and services. Once I received my order, I ordered more prints with my own funds to check out a separate print product. Reviewing Parabo Press is completely in my own words and my honest thoughts.

However, they were great enough to set up an awesome offer for a free set of 25 square prints – you’ll only be responsible for the shipping.

Continuing to make prints of our photos is important and some photos deserve to be treated special – going beyond printing at your closest Wal-Mart or Costco.

Recently, I was at our local Western Fair and had to check out the annual photography contest that is run. I hate to say it, but the print quality of most, if not all, photos were terrible. Even if a photo was pretty cool, the print probably ruined it. It seemed as if every entry was printed at Wal-Mart on glossy paper. Perhaps no one wanted to spend the money on a print when the prize for first place was next to nothing. Maybe no one knew about Parabo Press.

“We believe that some photos are extra special and deserve to be put to paper – to be enjoyed in your home or shared as a gift and kept around for a long time to come.”

Parabo Press is an app for iOS and web, created by the Photojojo folks and. They are absolutely in love with photography and want to help you with small-batch prints. They are all about experiencing photos in a more permanent and standout way.

How do they deliver, though?

Parabo Press Review

Parabo Press - Print Your PhotosI'm going to share my experience in putting some pineapple photos to paper throught Parabo Press. I'll touch on my experience with ordering, shippings and delivery, the prints, accessories, and customer support.

Ordering Prints with Parabo Press Website

I opted to order my photo prints through the Parabo Press website instead of the iOS app. The photos I wanted to print were not on my phone.

Ordering was a pretty pleasant experience with only one minor issue. I found their upload system to be very nice and simple. There are no distractions with your uploading is front and center. My only issue was that I wanted to order 4 newsprints of 4 separate photos and I couldn't upload all 4 photos at once. Instead, I had to complete the one upload, add another newsprint to cart, and then upload the next photo. I was worried how long the process might take when going to order the 25 square prints; however, I was able to upload all 25 photos in a batch for them.

How's Parabo Press Shipping and Delivery

Communication from Parabo Press

The Shipping and delivery of my print order were exceptional. Parabo Press did awesome here. I was given the ability to track my order; however, there was no need for me to ever bother with checking. Parabo Press actually emailed me as my prints made their way to me. I Loved the emails that told me my prints were in the city and out for delivery. They really seem to take a proactive approach and I didn't have to waste my time. I was even emailed by Parabo when my prints were delivered.

How are the Prints?

As great as the experience had been with ordering and receiving, the actual prints are the big deal.

I ordered the Newsprints, 5.5″ square prints, small skeleton clips, and washi tape.


The Newsprints blew me away! Each print is 17″ x 22″ on extra light ivory newsprint and comes folded into quarters. I opened each print up and loved the look and colour. Want a unique look to a photo? These hit it out of the park. Oddly enough, I loved the creases due to the prints coming folded in quarters.

Here are some photos of my prints; however, my images do the actual prints justice due to my home being in shambles:

Newsprint and small skeleton clips from Parabo Press
Newsprint hung with small skeleton clips from Parabo Press
Beautiful Newsprint from Parabo Press Close Up
Beautiful Newsprint from Parabo Press Close Up

5.5″ Square Prints

On Parabo Press, you can order the square photo prints at 4″ or upgrade them to 5.5″. I decided to upgrade to the 5.5″ square prints and I am totally impressed. They are top quality and not something you can get at Wal-Mart or Costco.

I freaking love the matte look and the paper really is nice and thick. Honestly, these are the bomb dot com. You win Parabo Press. You win.

There are so many ways you could display these square prints given they are nice and thick. I love them so much that I will be using Parabo Press as my printer from now on. These are the prints we've decided to use for our Pineapple Mystery Prints. The quality is just extra special.

Here are a few images of our pineapple prints we ordered:


Square Pineapple Prints

More options for prints are B&W Engineer, Color Engineer, Mastipix Glass, Risograph, Calendars, Panorama, Accordion Zine, Linen Hardcover Photo book, Hardcover & Softcover photo book, and Gift Cards.

Display Accessories

Parabo Press offers some interesting ways to display prints. They go beyond the usual idea of framing a print. They look to try and preserve the integrity of your walls as much as possible.

I decided to try out the small clips for hanging a newsprint and grabbed the washi tape set to display some of the square prints.

I love the clips and find that their pricing is really decent. They give you a number of options for display and love discussing it all.

I look forward to getting some wood blocks to stand up some of the square prints on tables. I really think these accessories could be great gifts for people and photographers come the holidays.

More options for display accessories are wooden poster rails, wood blocks, magnetic rope, mylar tape, and pon pins.

Customer Support

I never had to contact customer support at all. I have been dealing with Ali via email regarding this review and that's that. Ali's been amazing and I can only assume the support team would be too.

Parabo Press does have a knowledge base in case you need some help or have some frequently asked questions. From looking over the knowledge base, I felt it addressed the important things really well.

With the experience of shipping emails, I can only imagine that contacting customer support would be no issue at all. They seem eager to leave you with the best experience possible.

Overall Thoughts on Parabo Press

Free Square Photo PrintsI want more pineapple prints. I want to print more of my photography in general! What an experience it is to see images on such beautiful paper, today. What a great way to improve the atmosphere in your own home too. The pricing is on point for the exceptional quality of prints and considering how large the print options are for you. I look forward to ordering a Color Engineer Print and Wooden Poster Rail in the near future, to be honest.

As I mentioned, I have been so impressed that Parabo Press is now going to be the first place I turn to for prints. It was so easy to order and their prints seriously deliver. I would love to see some prints of my architectural photography as well. 

Remember, you can check out the quality of their prints by ordering a set of 25 square prints for free— you'll only be responsible for the shipping.

Let me know if you have used Parabo Press in the past or what you think of the square prints when you order them for free.

Stay Golden

Scott Webb

Hi! I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. I enjoy using the pineapple as a way to promote positivity and optimism! Most of the time, I'm working as an Architectural Photographer in London Ontario at Scott Webb Photography.

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  1. Hi. I am trying to get hold of Parabo press, but they’re not answering my emails. Do you have a phone number or alternate contact for them?
    Many thanks.

    1. Hey Jackie,

      No sorry, I don’t have any other details. Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue, though!
      I hope they respond today.

  2. What shipping method did you use? I noticed the emails were only a day apart. I did standard shipping, and it estimates delivery in late April. Just wondering if your prints arrived before they were expected

    1. Hey Madison,

      I’m trying to remember. I think they came right on time or a day before expected. It was really nice how they kept emailing me through the process though. Sorry about the slow reply on this. I hope you already got your prints!

  3. Hi,
    I noticed that the email confirmation and arrival date were only a day apart. What shipping method did you use? Did they come sooner than expected?

    1. Hey Madison! Sorry I don’t remember but it might have been express

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