The efficient approach to grow your business on Instagram

The efficient approach to grow your business on Instagram

Instagram Tools to grow business

Ultimately, I want to help grow your business. There are all kinds of ways for growing your business and why not use Instagram.

Today there are a lot of apps that can help you out with each post you share on Instagram. Part of my desire is to help you learn about some of the apps I believe are going to bring you a more efficient and consistent approach to growing your business.

First, it is important to understand why these apps are so important and how they will contribute to growing your audience. We’re often bombarded with different methods of doing tasks or shown how to use a new process, but we’re left wondering how it will really benefit our business.

The point of this article is to share a way that you can become more efficient with your Instagram time and how this approach will have such a positive effect on growing your business too. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s the growth of your business is an understandable by-product.

Is it tiring posting to Instagram constantly?

If posting new content to your Instagram account isn’t tiring, it’s got to at least become time-consuming after a few months of posting daily or multiple times a day. As much photography as I shoot, I still get fatigued trying to pick out images and write captions. And, I often freeze up trying to write a caption on the fly—one that will at least make some sense with the overall account.

I absolutely hate knowing that I need to stay consistent for my audience on Instagram, but not having an idea of what I should post at that moment. It’s like knowing you need to write a blog post, but no idea what to write. Forcing a post is typically not a good idea. This doesn’t mean that posting on the fly is bad. It means that I’d rather be totally inspired when posting on the fly and not forcing it.

This is why I got so excited when I realized I could begin scheduling Instagram posts. The opportunity to schedule posts was a total eye-opener in terms of efficiency. I’d much rather spend my energy replying to any comments from people.

Batching and Scheduling Instagram Posts

The first time I heard about the ability to schedule Instagram posts was from Hootsuite. I tried it out a few times; however, I couldn’t get into it. I don’t know what the overall issue was back then. It might have been that Hootsuite is so advanced and deals with all social platforms.

It wasn’t until Buffer rolled out Instagram posting that I was all for it, but I never really got the hang of scheduling. Instead, I was using Buffer’s free service to simply post to Instagram when I wanted to still.

The huge benefits started when I actually started batching and scheduling my Instagram posts: Saving time, improved consistency, energy to focus on other things too.

Think about your day to day efficiency and how it will grow your business if you start batching and scheduling your posts.

Let’s look at what goes into a single post to Instagram:

  • You need your image or graphic
  • You need to caption your post
  • You want to post it at the most optimal time your audience is on

Once you look at a post from this angle, you can see the efficient approach I’m referring to here:

Batching the creation of Images and graphics will take much less time than trying to create them when needed. You’ll also be most likely to ensure consistency in your grid.

You’ll also spend less time and mental energy trying to craft up great captions if you’re not trying to multi-task throughout your day. It’s much easier for your to craft captions or tell a story through your captions by scheduling them in advance.

With an Instagram Business Account, you get access to Insights. Part of these Insight's help to show when your audience is active. You can find these optimal posting times through other analytics services too. However you find your optimal posting times, scheduling allows you to have your posts hit Instagram at these times and ensure the highest potential for performance.

Each of these points mentioned will increase your overall consistency. Moreover, consistent activity is what an audience craves. I love knowing what I should expect from certain Instagram accounts I follow, even if the posting time is less of a factor with the newish algorithm changes.

Inconsistency does nothing to help grow your business on Instagram.

Options to schedule your Instagram posts

There are more and more options for scheduling Instagram posts every day. It was my hope to make this huge list for you; however, I don’t want to totally waste your time either. I am going to list the 4 I’ve tried and feel will stick around. Each of your might gravitate to a difference overall product.


I’ve blogged about Later specifically. I feel Later has the potential to be one of the best options for scheduling and managing your Instagram posts to promote growing your business. Later offers:

  • A media library for your images and videos with ability to crop/edit
  • Calendar view for all your past and scheduled posts
  • Preview of your grid with the scheduled posts
  • A completely free plan limited only in # of posts and videos
  • Interesting “Link in Bio” feature

Currently still missing:

  • Analytics for your Instagram account (on the way)
  • Comment management
  • Feed Management


Known for Instagram analytics, Iconosquare recently released the ability to schedule your posts too. While it looks like it will be great for some people, it’s still missing a few beneficial aspects that older sites already offer. I believe Iconosquare is working hard behind the scenes to update their overall product and it’s starting to show. Iconosquare offers:

  • Detailed analytics
  • Calendar view for your scheduled posts
  • Comment management
  • Feed management

Currently still missing:

  • Media Library to manage images & videos
  • Grid preview
  • A completely free plan option


Buffer is an unbelievable company that does so much for social media. With Buffer, you’re pretty limited on a free account, but you can use it. You’ll need to upgrade if you want any extra features. I feel Twitter and Facebook are still most important within the Buffer space. Buffer offers:

  • Free plan but it’s limited in a number of ways
  • Calendar view if upgraded
  • Basic analytics per post

Currently Missing:

  • Comment management
  • Grid preview ability
  • Media library management
  • Feed management


Planoly definitely has a feminine feel to their branding, but girl power is strong these days ???? You can manage quite a bit for your Instagram account through Planoly. The closest competitor, in my opinion, is Later. Not perfect, but Planoly offers:

  • A completely free plan limited in # of posts per month + video posts
  • Calendar view
  • media library management, but can’t find if you can edit photos
  • Grid preview ability
  • Comment management
  • Account analytics

Currently Missing:

  • Feed management

Which scheduling options provides the most efficiency?

I have shared how much I love Later; however, it was right after sharing my love that I discovered Planoly. And I got a little confused. If this was Facebook, my relationship status would be: It’s complicated.

Planoly is the most effective visual social media planner on the market (oh, and you can schedule too)!

If I was to pick one, I believe the most efficient way to grow your business with Instagram is through Planoly. They really are the closest to “end to end visual management.” I am totally willing to put up with a more feminine interface for the features within Planoly.

The free plan option with Planoly (or Later) gives you 30 posts per month, so you could schedule posts for the entire month at one per day. You can manage comments for the last 5 of your posts and it’s a simple experience compared to Iconosquare.

It’s all about that efficiency and growth

Once you see how batching and scheduling is so efficient, you’ll want to post more and increase the awareness of your brand. What you’re going to see with scheduling posts is a consistent level of high-performance posting. In the most efficient manner, you're bringing so much to your audience that you’re sure to grow your business and audience on Instagram.

With a quickly growing account, you’ll also understand the helpfulness of comment management. It’s so easy to say that you can’t keep up with the comments anymore when you grow; however, with Planoly, the comment management on any plan lets you keep up. This engagement of yours within your own comments sends really strong signals to your audience and will garner true community around your business and grow even more.


I would love to challenge you to go sign up for a free account at Planoly and batch a weeks worth of posts (7) for the same time every day (find your optimal time when most followers are active). It might take an hour to batch, but then see how you feel in the week. When you get the urge to post on the fly, go in and schedule that post too (or just post because that’s still part of the fun).

Let me know how it goes.

Do you use a platform for scheduling Instagram posts that I didn’t mention? Feel free to leave a comment and tell us all about it.

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