Instagram Tools: The tool no one seems to talk about, but I absolutely love

Instagram Tools: The tool no one seems to talk about, but I absolutely love

There are a lot of tools that come and go for Instagram. Over the next while, I'm going to share the Instagram tools that I use. Hopefully, these tools stick around because there are a lot of posts, even from a few months ago, are out of date and need to be updated. Today, I am sharing my favorite of all Instagram tools and perhaps the only one you’ll need:

Later (formerly known as Latergramme)

Instagram tool: later

Oh, another scheduling tool you might say.

No way.

Later isn’t anything like other scheduling tools like Buffer (sorry Buffer) and the just released scheduling ability in Iconosquare (I love you still for stats).

What’s so special about Later?

There are a lot of factors that come into play in order to continue growing your Instagram audience and keeping them engaged. And I believe Later touches on at least a few of these factors.

The thing is, Later simply makes me feel so much better about sharing visual content with Instagram.

But let me highlight these features that ease up on my anxiety.

Media Library

One of the amazing features of Later comes in the form of the media library. The media library allows you to upload unlimited images into it or pull photos from Dropbox or Google (I think there is even a Chrome extension for any photo on the web).

Media Library Feature
Media Library Feature

Your Media Library is a collection of the photos and videos that best represent your brand. It’s a fail-safe way to keep your team on the same, beautifully edited page.

I can upload 300 images at one time and know that half the posting process is done. Sometimes I find myself get fatigued if I’m constantly searching for a new photo to share. The media library has removed that feeling.

You can even label certain images and there is a tab for used photos and unused. We don’t have to do that work ourselves.

Weekly & Monthly Calendar View

Calendar view is something being promoted by these other Instagram scheduling tools but they just aren’t the same. On Buffer, you need to pay and be Awesome. Iconosquare’s scheduling tool, just released the other week, looks good with weekly and monthly views as well.


Later's Calendar Feature
Later's Calendar Feature
But when it comes to Later’s feature, it’s the beauty of all it’s other features integrated with it. If we were comparing simple scheduling, Iconosquare looks great too. I already pay for analytics; however, I will also pay for Later because it’s that good.

Scheduling your Instagram posts is one of the best ways to stay consistent with your audience.

The Preview

Later’s preview feature is why I’ve currently changed my Spotify account to free and deal with ads. Even though you can still access this feature in the free plan, I wanted to post more than 30x a month. So, yeah, technically I’m paying for more posts but the hook for me was the preview feature for my grid.

With the preview feature, you get to see what your grid will look like with all your future posts. This is money because it can be tough to see the whole picture and curate your feed. In the past, I've known people to create a second private account to organize posts for the future or downloading mockups to try and achieve something like the preview feature.

Preview feature with later
Preview feature with Later

Curating your grid is just as important as each of your single posts. Your feed is what potential followers see when they land on your profile. The more curated it feels, the more likely these people are to tap that follow.

The preview feature brings clarity to the idea of scheduling your posts and being mindful of your account as a whole. Some of the best accounts I've ever seen have the most amazing grids.

Try it out, it’s a one of the free Instagram Tools

Later is totally free to give it a try. I’d recommend giving it a test run and see how you like it. That preview feature is just so nice not to check it out. You’re just restricted to 30 posts per month, 1 social profile, and one team member. Also, videos aren’t supported on the free plan. Follow one of my links to Later and you'll get an extra 10 posts per month too.

I wasn’t kidding when I said I decided to cancel Spotify to be able to upgrade my Later account for more posts. I believe it’s such a great tool and I am pretty confused why I am not hearing anything about it.

I think if Later gets analytics right, I would drop Iconosquare. Not that Iconosquare is bad, but Later is so good.

Give Later a Try

Did you give it a try or know of a tool that's even better? What do you think of Later's service?

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[alert style=”note”] I just learned about which is the closest product to Later. I'm totally checking it out to compare! [/alert]

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