Pineapples On Wood Surface


Pineapples On Wood Surface


For less than the cost of a single high-resolution pineapple photo on other stock photo websites, you'll get 15 pineapple images for your designs.

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Product Description

In this collection, you get 15 high-resolution pineapple images (.jpg and 300dpi) of pineapples with wood backgrounds and on a wood desk. The majority of the images are flat lays.

All images were photographed with a Sony A7II mirrorless camera.

Use these for:

Website headers/hero images • Font presentation • Logotype or insignia promotional materials • Any web design, blog or template placeholders • Pineapple background images for web pages, case study or blogs • Articles, posts, app design • Personal or commercial project • Any other promotional or presentational works via social media.

Please let us know how you use the photos so that we can feature your work/usage here.

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