Update on Free Pink Pineapple Stickers

I want to be as transparent as possible. If you ordered free pink pineapple stickers a few weeks ago, I want you to know that they are on the way. Pineapple Supply Co. is a side-project of mine that I want to spend more time on. The more attention I spend on it, the better things are here. My main work is as an architecture photographer, London. And, it's what pays the bills and helps to fund giving out free pineapple stickers (and sneak extra things in some orders).

Like last year, the second I did a giveaway, my architectural photography business blew up with work and deadlines. Is it the power of spreading good vibes? I don't know, but I like to think so, ha.

Pink Pineapple Stickers Giveaway Update

Every order of pink pineapple stickers (and more) should be mailed out by the end of the week. 
If you are unhappy with how long it's taken, please drop me an email.

I'd like to try and make things better.

I haven't forgotten about all of you amazing supporters.

Your patience is greatly appreciated! 

Stay Golden,



Scott Webb

Hi! I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. I enjoy using the pineapple as a way to promote positivity and optimism! Most of the time, I'm working as an Architectural Photographer in London Ontario at Scott Webb Photography.

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